Progress, not perfection

If there’s an opportunity that you cannot miss and are worried about being able to successfully executing it, then you need to call DINTERSA.

Why call on us?

We tackle the challenges our customer’s face through the correct development and management of projects and programs (PPM) so that we can deliver significant benefits to your organization’s results.

We are leaders in managing high-impact and critical projects within business units and across industries. We excel at working with entrepreneurs, social-entrepreneurs, startups, and development programs.

We can also assist your organization if you are contemplating setting up a Project Management Office (PMO) at an executive-level, or if you like to outsource the PMO through our PMOut™ service – PMO Outsourced.

Our Services

  • Market change:

    • Change management programs to adapt to an emerging market, rescind a profit-less market, to build the next generation of solutions.
    • Project selection within your portfolio to achieve the most strategic benefits.
    • Execution and management of turnkey projects.

    Management technologies & trends:

    • Establishing PMO (Project Management Office).
    • Outsourcing of a PMO – PMOut™.
    • Projectizing the strategic plan to make it executable and pragmatic.

    Capacity building:

    • Corporate training on project execution.

Our Industries

  • Energy
  • Production – continuous production (factories)
  • Data and information infrastructure (IT)
  • Organizational transformation and development
  • Software (Enterprise, CRM, ERP)
  • International logistics
  • Startups.